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VRA Holidays is a globally positioned travel consultant headquartered in Calicut, Kerala. VRA Holidays is a treasured venture founded by vigorously talented and exceptionally experienced young passionate minds in the travel and tourism industry. We aspire to follow a perpetual passion to utilise the vast knowledge and experience our founding members have gained from years of working in the industry to bring sophistication and proficiency to the field. We firmly believe that sky is the limit when offering premium travelling services in town at budget-friendly rates.

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We thoroughly understand your ardent desire to travel across the world. VRA Holidays is committed to providing high-quality, luxurious travelling experiences at competitive prices. We are devoted to providing steadfast services as a travel consultancy by assisting each client with all elements required to ensure a comfortable and safe journey.

Since its inception, VRA Holidays has assumed a significant role in catering advanced concepts to suit the unique requirements of both domestic and international clients. We take pride in boasting about our robust network of global experts who helps us to accomplish all missions. It is our fervid endeavour to be the one-stop shop for all your travel needs. We remain committed to achieving our goal of creating a remarkable travel experience from start to end. The continuous dedication to providing professional services by our attentive and knowledgeable staff sets us apart from our competitors.

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Let the great journey begin. While other travel agencies just sell trips, we help you create bright memories. We provide you with multiple affordable travel packages to beguile your inner traveller. We will make a flawless travel plan with an affluent stay and luscious food. Grab the best deal that mesmerizes you. Worried about your passport, visa and airfare? Let us handle everything! Just enjoy the bliss! Why worry when VRA Holidays are here?